Phineas Upham Second


Phineas’ Upham (Phineas’, John^), of Maiden, Mass., born May 22, 1659; married Mary Mellins (prob. Mellen), as early as 1663 and probably in 1682.  He has been known as Phineas Upham Second, being the eldest son of Lieutenant Phineas. His father died when he was eighteen years old, leaving him the following property, as described in the will: “To his eldest son Phineas, he did give his new dwelling house, v\^ith the land belonging to it, and the meadow, and half the stock, when he should come of the age of one and twenty years.” He was one of the selectmen of Maiden for the years from 1692 to 1696, inclusive. He was town treasurer for the years from 1697 to lyor, inclusive; and during the same time was employed in the settlement of various estates.

There are on record several inventories drawn up by him; one in 1693, one in 1697, one in 1698, one in 1699, two in 1700, etc. In 1697 he was on a committee for the partition of certain lands, and in 1699 was appointed a guardian.  All of which items appear on the records at Maiden. He was chosen representative to the General Court from Maiden in 1701, as appears from the following extract from records of that court:

“May 25th, 1701, His honor, the Lieutenant Governor, being informed that the representatives were come to the chamber, he ordered Col. John Pincheon, and Elisha Cook, Esq., of the Council, and the Secretary, to administer unto them the oath appointed by act of Parliament to be taken, instead of the oath of allegiance and supremacy, and to cause them to repeat and subscribe the declaration in said act, and also to sign the association, that so they might be qualified to proceed to the choice of a speaker,” etc.