John Upham in 1640’s

In 1643 John Upham is mentioned as one of the selectmen ; and in 1644, power was given him by the General Court in connection with two others, to ” end small causes at Weymouth.”

His name is subscribed to the doings of the town, as one of the selectmen, for the years 1645, 1646, and 1647. The last entry of this kind to which his name is signed (p. 16, Weymouth Town Records, vol. I), is dated the 21st day of the twelfth month, 1647; and there is no doubt that he remained in Weymouth until the year 1648.

During the next two years there has been no record of him found. But it is certain that at sometime between 1648 and 1650, he removed from Weymouth to Maiden, having been a resident of Weymouth, and connected with its affairs, for thirteen years or more.

This removal probably took place in 1648 ; for in that year it appears ” the town of Maiden was built on the north side of the Mystic river, by several persons from Charlestown, who gathered themselves into a church.” He must have been a resident of Maiden as early as 1650, for the reason that a petition was signed by him as a selectman of Maiden, dated the 22d day of the first month, 1651 ; and it may be assumed that as he was a selectman so early in that year, he must have been an inhabitant certainly as early as the year 1650