William Arthur Upham

In 1881, William Arthur Upham, of London (Atlas Assurance Company, Fire Dept., 92 Cheapside), also wrote, saying he was born in Taunton;, in 1834 ; his father — then deceased — had been the town clerk at Taunton. He too was apparently quite interested in the origin of the family, and expressed a purpose to give the matter his attention, but nothing more has come from him.

In all probability the family has been located within twenty or thirty miles of Bath, for many generations. Edward Upham, bookseller, fellow of the Oriental Society, etc., was mayor of Bath, sometime about 1807; his obituary was in the Gentleman s Magazine about 1836. See, also, iVllibone’s Diet, of Authors. He was author of several works, an important one of which was his “Sacred Book of Ceylon,” in three octavo volumes. His brother was also a bookseller at Bristol. Continue reading