Richard Upham of Onslow, 1716

Richard Upham (Richard^ Phineas^ John’), of Onslow, Nova Scotia, b. in Maiden, Mass.; bapt. Dec. 9, 17 16; m. Eliza-

beth Hovey, who d. June 7, 1756, in her 35th year, and who was, accordingly, the mother of all but the two youngest of his chil-

dren. He m. (2) Elizabeth Putnam, widow, of Conn. (Her first husband was a relative of Gen. Putnam, ” ’76.”) She was heir

to Putnam estate in 1773, as per Essex Co. deed, with William and Caleb Putnam. Richard Upham was engaged in trading

from Salem, along the coasts of Maine, Nova Scotia, and Cape Breton; was at the capture of Louisburg, where he lost his ves-

sels and other property. He built a house at Halifax, N. S., then secured a grant of the township of Onslow, now in the county of Colchester, N. S., on condition of settling it; which was done with families from New England. The grant of the town  NoTE. — It is said that the sons of Richard, above, were ” young men of the province, not very industrious, probably on account of their early associations,” but, also, that ” the Nova Scotia branch of the Uphams were gentle in their manners, intelligent, and given to the acquisition of knowledge.” See further information of this general character in the record of the following generations of the descendants of Richard, of Onslow. ship of Onslow was made to Richard Upham, and sixteen others, for a certain number of shares, or rights; and to Francis Blair and thirty others, for certain other rights or shares, in all forty eight persons. This grant was for fifty thousand acres, being the whole of the township of Onslow. It is dated Feb. 21, 1769, and is signed by Lord William Campbell, who was then Governor of Nova Scotia. Richard Upham died at Onslow, about 1780, having deeded his property — said to be then and still, the most valuable in the county — to his stepson, William Putnam, whose descendants have inherited it, as per information from one of Richard Upham’s posterity. Richard Upham and his two wives had:

I Child; d. aged i yr., Oct., 1740.
II Richard, bapt. June 29, 1741; d. Dec, 1743.
III Elizabeth, b. Oct. 9, 1742.
IV Richard, bapt. Dec. 25, 1743; d. early.
V Luke, b. Oct. 25, 1746.
VI Abigail, bapt. April 9, 1749.
VII Arthur, b. March 25, 1750; d. May, 1750.
VIII Nathan, b. July 25, 1752.
IX Richard, bapt. May 28, 1758.
X Mary, bapt. April 5, 1761.


Joseph Upham of Dudley, Mass. 1712

Joseph^ Upham (Thomas^ Phineas*, John’), of Dudley, Mass., b. in Reading, Mass., in 1712; m. Nov. 20, 1732, Martha Green, of Maiden, b. 1716; d. Sept. 11, 1738; m. (2) Feb. 28, 1739, Elizabeth Richardson, of Woburn, b. Dec 4, 17 15. She was the granddaughter of Samuel Richardson, of Woburn, and died after the birth of all her husband’s children. He married at the age of 64, Abigail Arasden, of Southboro, widow of Jonathan.

She died in 79th year, Dec. 14, 1806. Joseph Upham with his wife, Elizabeth, and five children, moved from Reading to Dudley about the year 1748, where he was one of the early settlers. He purchased a large tract of land at Dudley, and in 1878, four pieces of this land were still in the possession of his descendants, the Uphams, of Dudley, who had the original deed for the same. He gave to each of his sons a farm of about one hundred acres, requiring them to clear it by the time they became of age, at which time it was deeded to them. He d. in his Sistyear, Oct. 12, 1792.

He had by wife Martha:

I Martha, b. May 6, 1738; m. Thomas Wilson, of Killingly. Conn., Oct. 18, 1759.

By wife Elizabeth :
II Joseph, b. Dec. 10, 1740; m. Eunice Kidder, and lived in Dudley.
III Thomas, b. Dec. 10, 1742; m. Elizabath Pratt, of Oxford, and lived in Dudley.
IV Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 1745; d. in Dudley, Oct. 28, 183 1.
V Susanna, b. April 15, 1747; m. David Kidder (son of Richard), Feb. 23, 1758.

The above all b. in Reading, the others in Dudley.

VI Benjamin, b. Sept. 14, 1749; m. Hepzibah Earned, and lived in Dudley. He was a Revolutionary soldier called out at the Lexington alarm.
VII Ruth, b. Dec. 30, 1751; d. at Dudley, unm., age 65.
VIII Lois, b. May 18, 1754; m. Philip Brown, Sept. 28, 1775.
IX Simeon, b. May 11, 1757; m. Miriam Earned, and lived in Dudley. He was a Revolutionary soldier.
X Nathan, b. June 8, 1763; m. Mary Robbins, and lived in Dudley.