Phineas Upham Third


Phineas Upham (Phineas^, Phineas’, John’), of Maiden, Mass., b. there June 10, 1682; m. by Mr. Wigglesworth, Nov.23, 1703, Tamzen (Thomasin) Hill, dau. of Isaac and Sarah (Bicknell) Hill, b. Dec. 10, 1685, who d. Apr. 24, 1768. He is early mentioned as yeoman, and soon after his marriage he moved from what was known as Maiden Center to North Maiden, of which place he was one of the first inhabitants. In the year 1707-8, he is mentioned as “Ensign Phineas Upham,” and was that year chosen a selectman, as he was also the following year, and the year 1709-10. In 1711-12, he was assessor. For the years 1725, 1726, 1728, 1729 and 1730, he was chosen moderator of the town meetings. He was again moderator for the years 1748 and 1752. His name also appears on the records as witness to various legal documents, as the will of Lazarus Grover, in May, 17 15; and in 17 16, the will of Nathaniel Upham is witnessed by both the second and third Phineas Upham.

His will was made in the year 1751, and as this document was lodged in the probate office the 29th of April, 1766, it is probable that his death occurred that year; in this case he was in his 84th year at the time of his death. His wife died two years later, at the age of 87.

In the Notices, Dr. Upham says: “Mr. John Edmonds, of Maiden, an old soldier, now ” (1845), ” 89 years of age, informs me that when a boy he often saw Phineas Upham. He states that he was of medium height; his hair abundant, but of pure white, and his costume that of his times, viz. — breeches, cocked hat, &c. He used to walk about the village with the assistance of an ivory headed cane, and he had a favorite seat beneath a wide-spreading tree, where he was often seen reposing. He ‘valued himself, says Mr. Edmonds, ‘on his French blood.'”

Phineas Upham and his wife, Tamzen, had:

I Tabitha, b. Dec. 11, 1704; m. Daniel Newhall, 1728.
II Mary, b. Mar. 5, 1706; m. Capt. Daniel Goff, of Boston, 1740.
III Phineas, b. Jan. 14, 1708.
IV Sarah, b. May 31, 1709; d. Sept. 23, 1709.
V Timothy, b. Aug. 29, 17 10.
VI Zebediah, b. Mar. 13, 17 12; d. Apr. 28, 17 12.
VII Tamzen, b. May 5, 1713; d. infant.
VIII Isaac, b. July 31, 17 14.
IX Jabez, b. Jan. 3, 1717.
X Amos, b. Sept. 29, 17 18.
XI Tamzen, b. May 21, 1720; m. Jonathan Wiley, of Lynn, 1750-
XII Sarah, b. Oct. 21, 1 721; m. Benj. Rice, of Brookfield, 1744.
XIII Jacob, b. Apr. 30, 1723.

Tie Old Upham Hoinestcad at Meh-ose. The following interesting account of the old house still standing at Melrose, formerly North Maiden, Mass., was prepared by Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of Orne Upham (No. 320), who was born in the house, and whose Upham ancestors have continued to live and die there since the days of the third Phineas. It is, therefore, the ancestral home of all who descend from Phineas Upham, Third, and for that reason should be of especial interest to such. This account was written in April, 1890, at which time the homestead was the property of Orne Upham.