William George Upham

In 1877, William George Upham, who was in business at 75 High St., Hamstead, London, wrote that his father was Hugh Northam Upham, born in Taunton, Somerset ; where his father was also born, his name being AVilliam. William George had brothers in London: John Launcelot, Robert Northam, and Alfred Eugene Edward; all of whom were in business, or occupying positions of some kind. Hugh Northam — father of this family — said the family was probably originally from Devonshire. He also said there were but few of the name in England, so far as he was aware, and these he believed all came from the same original family. A George Upham was also mentioned, living at Russell House, South End Road, Hampstead, London, N. W.; he had been a bookseller and publisher in Bond St., had also been at one time connected with the British Museum, and was from Devonshire. Further mention was made of Edwin and William Upham, of Taunton, — relatives of the writer — the latter of whom was town clerk at Taunton. William George Upham manifested an unusual degree of interest in the subject of the origin of the Uphams, and expressed his intention to investigate the matter, but I am not aware that he has ever paid farther attention to it.